Various storyboards from commercial spots to video-game cut-scenes.

SATURN "Blue" Spot 2002:

Presentation boards done for a german electronics chain. Directed by Kai Sehr, VFX supervision Thomas Tannenberger. I also did the concept design.
Pg.1 --- Pg.2

MILFORD TEA Spot 2003:

Some quick boards used to pitch a german commercial. Directed by Kai Sehr.
Pg.1 -- Pg.2 -- Pg.3 -- Pg.4 -- Pg.5 -- Pg.6 -- Pg.7

MYST 3: EXILE Intro Sequence:

The one scene in the game that we shot with practical sets rather than bluescreen. This time we go to move the camera! That's supposed to be Rand Miller, the creator of MYST as Atrus.
Pg.1 -- Pg.2 -- Pg.3 -- Pg.4 -- Pg.5 -- Pg.6


All of the video in this game was shot bluescreen with a locked-down camera, so all zooms, pans and dollies had to be designed to be done in post. I directed live action for this game as well.
Pg.1 -- Pg.2 -- Pg.3 -- Pg.4 -- Pg.5 -- Pg.6 -- Pg.7 -- Pg.8


WHACKED! Eugene Interview Scene:

Animation boards for a cartoon X-BOX game cut-scene. I directed voice-over & animation for these cinematics as well.
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