Projects and Companies

Presto Studios Inc. - My old company, where I was creative Director for 10 years.

Myst 3: Exile - Sequel to the best-selling computer games of all time.
Whacked! - Crazy demented multi-player action for the X-box. Check out the trailers.

SimEx Digital - Where I got my start. Brilliant LBE designers.


Artist Friends

Victor Navone - Brilliant designer and animator. Works at Pixar. Get your Alien Song here!

Ron Lemen - All around great artist. Life Drawing instructor. Works for Angel Studios. - Home of Mike Brown, animator extraordinaire and 3DS Max guru.
Synj - Dan Paladin. Most warped bastard on the planet. Laugh 'till you pee.
Frank VItale - Brilliant 3D artist, another former colleague at Presto and frequent client.
Team - My friend, designer Francis Tsai. Check out the Concept Design Forum.

Feng Zhu - Another brilliant concept guy. Now at Lucasfilm. Guess which movie?
Syd Mead - The master. You know who he is.
StormWorks - Home of Steve Platt and Christian Lichner. You know them from Soul Saga.
Tommy Yune - Another Presto Alumni. Design, 3-D, Comics... Remember Speed Racer?
Tracy Koehring - Great texture artist and Graphic Designer at Presto. She's cool.

Sam Gebhardt - Awesome 3-D artist from Savannah, Georgia. Works remotely for Blur.
Stephan Martiniere - Concept artist extraordinaire. Brilliant and multi-faceted.
Harald Belker - Brilliant movie concept designer. Specializes in futuristic vehicles.
Scott Robertson - Great Designer. Check out his tutorials & Concept Design book.
James Clyne - Great movie concept guy. Drool over his work from A.I. & Minority Report.
Tim Flattery - One of the Pros. You've been seeing his great work in movies for years.


Concept Design Forum - Good place to get feedback on your design work. - Another good place to get feedback on your design work.
Digital Painting Forum - Still gets a lot of traffic. - Digital Art forum. Posting by members only. Mostly pro artists.
Design Studio Press - Publishers of the soon-to-be essential Concept Design Book.